For an industry that prides itself on providing its clients guidance on where things are headed, market research has been alarmingly slow at adapting to the pace of today’s business cycles. Practices for designing, implementing and analyzing market research have moved forward only when pushed by the inevitable forces of technological advance. Our collective reticence to evolve and lead the way now threatens to yield the floor to the do-it-yourself-ers, or to those who would rely solely on gut instinct, forgoing conventional practices that take too much time, cost too much money, and yield too few real insights.

It is time to become Agile. That doesn’t just mean moving faster. Or doing things on the cheap. It means embracing a new strategy for uncovering the right insights at the right time to inform the right decision.

It is our hope that through this blog, we might begin to shed some light on a way forward for our clients and for our industry. If only in small steps.

Thanks for reading.

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