We have set out to disrupt the world of conventional market research – partly because we’re fed up with the inadequacies of old practices, but mostly because we believe that business has fundamentally changed and the market research industry must adapt to survive.

Informed judgment beats luck and gut instinct, every time. Given the explosion in data availability, emerging platforms for the expression of consumer opinions, and the technology to make it all accessible, there should no longer be such thing as an uniformed marketing decision. However, conventional research approaches fall short. They take too much time, cost too much money and produce too little value to effectively guide marketing decision-making. They simply can’t operate at the cadence or nuance of today’s business.

Agile Research is an emerging strategy that leverages new techniques and technologies to make market knowledge more accessible, accurate and affordable. By embracing Agile processes, marketing and business leaders can support every decision of consequence with consumer insights.

The tenets of Agile Research are about getting valuable insights sooner, more frequently with more actionable results. Agility is more than just moving quickly. It means moving with precision – going further, faster with each step.



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